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Investor's Corner

How to succeed
Many books were written about this topic and my short "ABC of Investing" is not a substitute for self education, experience and serious research. However, I will attempt to pass on the knowledge I have gained from my experiences as an investment broker for many successful clients, and also to share some of my personal experiences of real estate investing.

All real estate investments start with buying. Learn how to buy and what to look for. Learn how to identify opportunity. Learn how to compare investment properties and how to assess their potential.

This is a very important process and you need to be informed to make the right decision for you. Is the timing right? Is the price right? What will your tax consequences be? What should you expect when selling? What will your costs of sale be?

1031 Tax Exchanges are very valuable tools to defer your capital gain by selling your investment property and acquiring new property. Learn about the timing requirements and other regulations.

Rent Control
If you are buying or currently own rental property in the City of Los Angeles, your property is most likely subject to Rent Stabilization regulations. Become familiar with the basic rules, requirements, exemptions, restrictions, etc. of such regulations.

Tax and Estate Planning
Real estate investments allow you to legally deduct your expenses and write off your depreciation by sheltering part of your rental income. Learn how to maximize your deductions by careful tax planning. Time your buying and selling decisions so that they benefit you when you need them most.


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